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What if?

There was a simpler way for your customers to make purchases without all the queues, cashiers and beeping tills. Our 'Touch, Take and Go' technology will help your business reduce losses, track shopper trends and deliver insight into your inventory. 

Give your customers a shopping experience from the future. 

Scan to enter
Take product
Thats it!

Our ability to automate your store

We provide a solution to help automate your business so that it can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week at no additional cost. 

Our international experience covers: 

Grocery stores
Convenience stores 
Work place canteen
Office buildings
Micro Markets
Retail stores
Pop up locations

Invisible payment technology

When customers walks up to your store, they'll be greeted by a touch panel and scanner. They will be prompted to scan their hand and quiXmarts' bio-metric technology will read the blood vessels under the skin of their plam. The data links to their preferred payment option. So when they pick up the products and leave your store, your system knows who to charge and for how much. Faster, easier shopping.