Q: Where is all the data hosted?

A: All data is hosted using AliCloud in Sydney, AUS. Thus making it liable to follow all Australian Laws and regulations.

Q: How does the palm scan work?

A: The palm scan works by first taking a scan of your capillary system (blood vessels) in your palm and then turning that scan           into a code by using our proprietary algorithm using key points from the scan. That code is then linked to your account and           the scan is erased, it is not saved on our system. 


Q: Why not fingerprint or facial recognition? 

A: Finger print technology is seen as unsecure as it can be easily copied. Facial recognition technology although more secure           has the same issued. Facial recognition technology also has privacy issues.  

Q: How secure is capillary (blood vessel) scans for bio-metrics?

A: Capillary scans for bio-metric verification purposes is currently the most secure technology available. It has a false rejection rate of 0.00001%, that means that there is a 0.00001% likelihood of an unauthorized user gaining access.